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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Airlines & Airports

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Airlines & Airports

Successful SMS implementations are dependent on good management information. Thus while monitoring hazards and cash flows, an aviation service provider also needs to keep a close eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You should note at the beginning that aviation safety performance indicators is a synonym for KPIs.

All About Key Safety Performance Indicators

aviation safety key performance indicators for aviation sms software programs

Key Performance Indicators measure critical success factors of an organization. Based on carefully selected measures, aviation-related KPIs reveal a high-level snapshot of a dynamic, functioning organization. KPIs vary depending on the kind of aviation service organization they characterize. For example, an airport may have a KPI as the total runway overruns, while KPIs of a helicopter operator may have to do more with the number of emergency landings.

Before selecting Key Performance Indicators, it is crucial to identify organizational goals and objectives, which are in turn dependent upon the mission and the stakeholders. (As a side note, SMS Pro has a great Goals and Objectives module). As a result, KPIs  measure the progress towards these goals. KPIs should be critical to the successful management of your aviation service organization.

Applying Key Safety Performance Indicators in Your SMS Program

aviation safety key performance indicators for aviation sms software programs
Applying Key Performance Indicators provides aviation managers with a high-level, real-time view of the progress of a company. They may consist of any combination of reports, spreadsheets and charts. These reports may be near misses reported (global or regional), trends over time, maintenance information or any other long-term consideration which may be essential in gauging the health of the organization. Since Key Performance Indicators reflect the aviation organization's goals, they must be quantifiable.

For a Key Performance Indicator to be of any value there must be a way to accurately define and measure it. KPIs may meet the criteria of reflecting an aviation service provider's goal, which may for instance, pertain to being the most popular MRO. However, since popularity can not be measured or compared to others, the KPI would be useless.

Identifying Key Safety Performance Indicators in Your SMS Program

Identifying KPIs in SMS Pro's aviation safety management software is very easy. Managers don't have to spend hours digging up metrics. KPIs are managed in real time, always available for management review. To include a new KPI, a few clicks and you have a beautiful chart, ready for management.

In SMS Pro, KPIs can be based on Types of Reported Issues, Root Causes, Processes/Activities.
Below is an image showing how easy one can set a KPI.

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