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Aircraft/Pilot Scheduler Enhancements in SMS Pro

Airline/Airport Safety Management Software Enhancements

SMS Pro's aviation safety management software recently included an optional Aircraft Pilot Scheduler. While this module was designed for scheduling aircraft and pilots, there were many other uses that airlines and airports were making of the module, such as posting manager vacations, special events, etc. 

As we can see, this first version of the Aircraft-Pilot Scheduler was flexibly designed to be used for more than simply scheduling pilots and aircraft. Each aviation safety management portal can implement more than one scheduler, depending on the purpose, such as vacation for managers, key maintenance activities, etc.

Aircraft Pilot Scheduler Became Instant Hit in Aviation SMS Portal

This Aircraft-Pilot Scheduler became popular immediately. Many airlines and airports asked for the module and some asked for multiple pages, where each page held a specific topic.

Aircraft Pilot Scheduler in Aviation Safety Management Software
Per user request, Aircraft Pilot Scheduler has received some enhancements this week.
  1. Configurable types of users for dropdown lists (Pilots, Maintenance, Dispatch, etc).
  2. Two users can be selected for an event, such as Pilot/Copilot;
  3. Configure default labels for aircraft/vehicles or Pilot #1 and Pilot #2; and
  4. Set default time zone for calendar events.

Details of Aircraft-Pilot Scheduler Enhancements

In the first version of Aircraft Pilot Scheduler, there was only one dropdown list of pilots to choose from to assign to a scheduled event. This second version contains two dropdown lists of people, so you can have a primary and an alternate.

Use Scheduler for More than Just Pilots

First version had users with the Pilot role listed in the user lists of the advanced scheduler options. SMS Admins can now choose the types of users to display for advanced scheduling options. These users can be customized roles, such as:
Aircraft Pilot Scheduler in Aviation Safety Management Software
Use Scheduler for More than Simply Pilots
  • Pilots;
  • Maintenance;
  • Ground Handling;
  • Dispatch; etc.

Alternatively, the scheduler can be configured to handle default SMS Pro safety roles, such as:
  • Safety Managers;
  • Department Heads;
  • Executives;
  • Auditors; or 
  • SMS Users.

Configurable Default Time Zone in Aircraft Pilot Scheduler

The first version of the Aircraft Pilot Scheduler had UTC GMT. Now SMS Admins can configure the default time zone for each scheduler. Each instance of the Aircraft Pilot Scheduler can have its own configured time zone setting.

How to Get the Aircraft Pilot Scheduler in Your Aviation Safety Portal

Aircraft Pilot Scheduler is an optional module that is included in SMS Pro's aviation safety management software by request only. If you want this module in your portal, simply notify

For more information on SMS Pro, see

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