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Why Do You Need Description of Aviation Safety Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Why Do You Need Description of Aviation Safety Manager

aviation safety manager job description
Occasionally, your airline or airport managers will need to know what are the duties and responsibilities of the safety manager for the airline or airport aviation safety management system. Here are some quick examples:
  1. When hiring a new safety manager, you will certainly need to communicate to prospective applicants what will be the job duties; or
  2. When completing the job duties and requirements of key safety personnel which is required under the Safety Policy component of an aviation SMS program; or
  3. When conducting periodic job performance reviews of the airline or airport safety manager.

Safety Manager Description

Airline/Airport Safety Manager has been commonly an upper management appointment. Safety managers require higher levels of authority within the airline or airport when dealing with safety matters. To ensure/safeguard this degree of authority, safety managers should report directly to the accountable executive.

Safety Manager Attributes

airline airport aviation safety manager job description
Operational management experience with a technical background sufficient to understand  the interacting systems within the organization;
  • People skills; 
  • Problem solving skills; 
  • Project management skills; 
  • Communication skills (oral and written); and
  • Computer skills to operate relevant software.

The accountable executive remains responsible for the aviation safety management system (SMS).

Accountable executives delegate the administration of the SMS to safety manager.

Typical Job Functions of Safety Managers

  • Conduct gap analysis periodically to determine health of SMS;
  • Manage SMS implementation plan as delegated by accountable executive; 
  • Regularly update accountable executive of current safety concerns;
  • Administer risk management processes (hazard identification, risk assessments and risk mitigation); 
  • Monitor corrective actions to ensure accomplishment; 
  • Monitor safety performance and communicate performance to management; 
  • Maintain airline/airport safety documentation; 
  • Organize new employee safety training (SMS Induction);
  • Organize staff safety training; 
  • Prepare or coordinate safety promotion communications (newsletters, workplace posters, etc);
  • Manage proactive hazard identification systems; and 
  • Be involved in safety-related investigations.

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