Friday, May 17, 2013

Why Pilots Are Advised to Take Blood Tests - Safety Promotion

Pilots Advised to Take Blood Tests - Safety Promotion

Blood tests are one of the most important health diagnostic tools. Ordering online blood tests are performed by drawing blood samples at a conveniently located clinic. These blood test blood samples are sent to a confidential laboratory for the highest quality diagnostic testing. Many different blood tests exist, but our age, profession and health will determine the proper blood tests to focus on to maximize health. 

Professional pilots are exposed daily to many potential hazards. These hazards include:
Order online blood tests to promote aviation safety for all
  • Hypoxia from artificially oxygenated environments;
  • Repeated pressurization and depressurization during altitude changes;
  • Fumes from aircraft;
  • Cabin radiation from significantly high levels of cosmic radiation;
  • Deep vein thrombosis from sitting for prolonged periods; and
  • Fatigue and stress.

Keep the Mission Safe - Blood Tests Proactively Identify Potential Problems

Blood tests taken at the right time can help detect risks for heart diseases, thyroid problems, and diabetes. Many elective blood tests are not taken during regular medical checks and can raise flags for your "flying doctor." Therefore, if you want to be proactive about your health, you may want to order confidential, online blood tests.

Younger pilots are advised to get blood tests every five years. These blood tests indicate the amount of cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

Pilots in their thirties are recommended to have blood tests for cholesterol and blood sugar. Blood tests can also indicate thyroid dysfunctions. 

Pilots Over Forty - Blood Tests Highly Recommended

Order online blood tests
Once pilots reach forty, ordering online blood tests can be used to test pilots' C-reactive protein. Pilots over forty are now targets for heart attacks or strokes especially if they are overweight and not exercising properly. Being proactive at this stage of your life can help thwart unseen conditions that may develop into serious problems later in your life.

Pilots over the age of fifty need to start worrying about bone health. Blood tests for aging pilots are helpful in determining Vitamin D levels. Many pilots over the age of 60 suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies and thyroid disorders.

As stated earlier, blood test help pilots proactively determine their level of risk for heart diseases, thyroid problems and diabetes.

A qualified expert has compiled a comprehensive list of professional pilots' health screening blood tests. Any pilot can order these blood tests online and the results are confidential. Health coaching is also available upon request to help mitigate risks.

My Labs For Life has over 140 blood tests available. There is considerable information on this site to help pilots take control of their health.

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