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Transport Canada Bird/Wildlife Strike Report - Default in SMS Software

TC Bird/Wildlife Strike Report - Default in Aviation SMS Software

Airlines and airports around the world have been implementing aviation safety management systems (SMS) since 2006 to comply with the ICAO SMS mandate. One aspect of formal SMS programs is hazard reporting. Several world class Web based software programs have sprung up since 2006 to satisfy regulatory requirements. SMS Pro is one of the most popular Web-based aviation SMS software programs.

Not All Bird/Wildlife Reporting Forms are the Same

Canada aviation sms reporting software database for bird/wildlife incidents
Hazard reporting includes accidents, incidents and irregularities, including bird strikes. Oddly enough, bird strike reporting forms are not consistent in the aviation industry. For example, SMS Pro has had the FAA Bird Strike Report and a UAE Bird Strike Reporting Form for several years. The FAA Bird Strike Reporting Form is a default, predefined report. These reports certainly share similarities, but if one is concerned about formatting, then airlines and airports need to use a civil aviation authority (CAA) approved bird strike reporting form.

Custom reporting forms are not uncommon in SMS Pro's aviation safety database. They are quick and easy to produce and integrate nicely into the aviation risk management framework.

SMS Pro now includes the Transport Canada Bird/Wildlife Reporting Form as a default reporting form. Since the Canadians are among the leaders in implementing formal aviation SMS programs, they represent an appreciable customer base for SMS Pro. This reporting form is available to all SMS Pro users, regardless of whether you are a Canadian based airline, airport, flight school or maintenance facility.

Key Features of TC Bird/Wildlife Reporting Form

Transport Canada Bird/Wildlife Reporting Form is available in English and French, the two national languages.

Dropdown lists are configurable for aircraft make, model, engine manufacturer and bird/wildlife common species. Only SMS Admins can edit these lists. These configurable lists ensure users are not bombarded with information not relevant to their operations.

Besides using the Web based reporting form to submit issues into a company's SMS database, SMS Pro's TC Bird/Wildlife Reporting Form can be used to optionally submit reports directly to Transport Canada. If desired, safety managers can desensitize reports before transmitting reported issues to Transport Canada.

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