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Director of Airport Safety Job Description

Job Description for Director of Airport Safety 

Airport managers frequently search our aviation safety management software websites for the job description of Director of Airport Safety. Several years ago, we used a good "director of airport safety" description that seemed adequate. Recently, I stumbled on another that is very good from CareerBuilder. I modified it a bit.

Job Summary:
Director of Airport Safety is responsible for carrying out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with airport policies and applicable regulatory requirements. This position monitors safety issues, supervises safety education and incident investigations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of Director of Airport Safety:

job description for director of airport safety
  • Interviewing, hiring and training employees; 
  • Planning, assigning and directing work; 
  • Appraising safety team performance; 
  • Rewarding and coaching airport safety team employees; 
  • Addressing high level-safety concerns.
    Responsible for:
  • Physical safety of airport employees, contractors, aviation service providers and passengers.
  • Physical safeguarding of airport assets
  • Protection of airport property from illegal activity
  • Design and implementation of aviation safety management system (SMS)
  • Establishing and maintaining fire prevention and response plan
  • Ensuring sound emergency airport operations of the Fire Command control functions
  • Overseeing airport safety team scheduling to effectively safeguard airport facilities and adjacent properties
  • Establishing and directing aviation SMS training of safety team and airport staff
  • Coordinating and communicating with federal, state and local law enforcement authorities to ensure regulatory compliance 
  • Preparing and directing safety department budgets
  • Providing oversight and ensuring readiness in the event of airport emergencies, including safety training and scheduling
  • Providing oversight to ensure a well groomed, friendly and alert safety staff
  • Coordinating safety activities with all related and supporting departments, including airport administration employees
  • Ensuring incidents involving safety, security, quality, compliance and environmental are recorded in electronic hazard database providing secure audit functions preventing modification of information after information has been entered into system. 
  • Establishing and maintaining a emergency response plan for airport complying with all regulatory requirements and ensures safety and security of passengers, airport employees and airport properties
job description for director of airport safety, security, quality, compliance

Job Requirements for Director of Airport Safety

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 5 or more years of airport safety experience 
  • Prior safety management experience required
  • Ability to present information and respond to questions from groups of airport managers, employees and guests
  • Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions and percentages
  • Ability to identify problems, collect data, analyze, and draw valid conclusions
  • Intermediate-level computer knowledge required

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