Thursday, April 30, 2015

Documenting Hazard Exposure in Safety Management Systems

Hazard Exposure in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Controlling exposure to hazards is the fundamental method of protecting airline and airport assets. A list of control measures should be established to determine whether to implement additional controls. What triggers a review of these control measures in your company? Do automated alerts notify management of developing trends, such as in best-of-breed aviation safety software programs.

SMS Pro's aviation safety management software has several mechanisms to alert management that control measures require review and possibly strengthening. These include:

Typical Approaches to Minimizing Hazard Exposure

Engineering, training and work practice controls are the primary means used to reduce hazard exposure in the aviation industry; however, one should never overlook the potential to reduce risk by avoidance strategies. Eliminating or substituting exposure to hazards is required when risks remain at intolerable levels.

New Hazard Exposure Dimension in Aviation Risk Management Software

Since 2007, SMS Pro's configurable risk matrix focused solely on probability and severity. Most airline and airport safety managers believed the third exposure dimension introduced unnecessary complexity. In April 2015, SMS Pro added an optional exposure dimension to risk calculations. SMS Administrators can choose a configuration setting in Setup >> Customize Settings....Company Info tab to turn on the Exposure setting.

Below is a sample risk matrix using the Exposure dimension.

Airline Airport Documentation of Hazard Exposure in Safety Management Systems
Easily Document Exposure at Different Times

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