Monday, February 24, 2014

Reduce LOSA Costs - Demo Offline LOSA Software With Threat & Error Management (TEM)

LOSA Provides Many Benefits, But Normally at High Costs

Airlines and other aviation service providers wishing to implement Line Operations Safety Audits (LOSA) have few affordable options when structuring a safety program to address operational errors. LOSA audits are very expensive and can easily exceed $50,000 USD for each series.

How Much Does a LOSA Audit Cost?

Best LOSA software for offline IPad use at airlines
Factors to consider when determining cost include:
  • Number of collected observations;
  • Number of observers;
  • Managing data (from paper to electronic versions);
  • Data cleansing and verification efforts;
  • Depth of data analysis;
  • External observers vs internal observers;
  • Insurance discounts; 
  • Fees from belonging to the collective (can be avoided by SMS Pro's LOSA); and
  • Consulting fees.

Best Way to Reduce LOSA Costs

In an effort to reduce costs, and to integrate Threat & Error Management into SMS Pro's risk management framework, SMS Pro has created an Offline LOSA tool for airlines. Airlines do not need to acquire the SMS Pro Web-based SMS software for airlines and airports to use this service; however, there are many benefits to managing LOSA findings in SMS Pro, including tracking corrective actions (

As of March 2016, aviation LOSA software is no longer a part of SMS Pro. It has been moved out as a separate product. You can learn about the aviation safety software company creating this LOSA software.

Offline LOSA Demo - Suitable for IPad or Laptop

The Offline LOSA software has a client portion that works with IPads, IPhone or Laptop in offline mode for observations. This LOSA software also includes a server component for Data Cleansing and Integrity Checks.

SMS Pro is offering a "guinea pig rate" for the first year: $1,000 USD setup and $100 monthly.
To get a feel for the LOSA client side software, see
live demo LOSA site

SMS Pro is selecting airlines wishing to participate in the LOSA pilot program. Three airlines have indicated interest to participate. The objective is to allow the operators to perform and process their observations, and then prepare the needed reports based on these pilot airlines' feedback.

More information about LOSA Audit Suite and SMS Pro aviation safety management system (SMS) software can be found at

Interested in Participating in LOSA Pilot Program? Be expected to pay $10,000 USD for the first year participation and $3,600 annually thereafter.

Line Operations Safety Audits (LOSA) Training

Airlines needing LOSA training to prepare for LOSA audits can contact Dr. Bob Baron, one of the world's leading LOSA trainers.

If you need explanations of LOSA, see this great article in Skybrary:

For an explantion of Threat & Error Management(TEM), see this Skybrary article:

More information about aviation SMS software can be found at:

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