Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Offline Hazard Reporting Software Released

New Offline Hazard Reporting For Airlines & Airports

Many airlines & airports in northern Canada, Africa and Southeast Asia have unreliable Internet connectivity. SMS Pro's new Hazard Reporting application was designed to for these types of operations. To see a quick video of the new offline hazard reporting app, see

How is This Aviation Hazard Reporting Software Different?

offline hazard reporting software for airlines airports aviation maintenance
For starters, this is a stand-alone application or "app." You don't need to connect to an Apple store or another device-specific store to get this app. It is available to SMS Pro users to download from their "online account."

This app works on ALL modern devices. IPhones, IPads, Androids, laptops, desktop computers. There is also a responsive design, such that the forms will automatically change based on the screen size. These are the major differences that separate the 2015 offline hazard reporting software from the offline hazard reporting tool that SMS Pro released in 2008. The previous version only worked on laptops or desktops.

Special Offline Hazard Reporting Features

offline hazard reporting app for airlines airports aviation maintenance
Besides the main architectural features just described (one app for all modern devices and the responsive design), the new offline aviation hazard reporting tool has several cool features worth noting:

  • Start and stop your hazard report and resume later when you are ready;
  • Indicator alerting you are not online;
  • Captains' Trip Report embedded;
  • Personal & Public Offline Hazard Reporting Links; and
  • Four Aviation-specific hazard reporting forms (Quick, General Pilot, ATC and Maintenance).

The best feature is being able to start a report and reload the report later. Or maybe the best feature is that a pilot can be flying for days away from Internet connectivity and still create reports and submit them when coming within Internet range.

Use Cases for Offline Hazard Reporting Forms

Besides being useful for direct employees at airlines, airports and aviation maintenance organizations, there are other use cases where the offline hazard reporting form comes into play:

  • Allowing vendors, contractors and customers to report hazards without having an account into your system.
  • Airports providing vendors, tenants and airlines access to report hazards without an account;
  • Civil aviation authorities to gather electronic hazard reports from aviation service providers operating in their theater.

Availability of Offline Aviation Hazard Reporting Forms

As of May 2015, only 130 companies will have access to SMS Pro's Offline Hazard Reporting forms. Remaining SMS Pro customers on other servers are scheduled to have access by October 2015.

Users will instantly know whether the feature is available by going to the second step of their online hazard reporting module. Depending on their role, they will see a "Personal offline report link" and/or "Public offline report link."

The personal hazard reporting link is for SMS Pro users to add the offline hazard reporting app to their IPhones, IPads or other mobile devices. The public hazard reporting link is for managers to distribute to:

  • Other aviation service providers that either must report hazards to their system;
  • Organizational Web developers to put on your public Website; or 
  • Customers.

Available Only in English as Of May 2015

While SMS Pro is available in Spanish, German, French and two Chinese dialects, the offline aviation hazard reporting app is currently only available in English.

More Aviation SMS Software Information

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