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Configurations for Reported Issues Notifications in Aviation SMS Software

Configuring Hazard Notifications in Aviation SMS Software

SMS Pro's recent December 2013 upgrade brought many improvements. Some enhancements are noticeable to all users, such as the "Automatic Logoff" feature that prompts users to continue their session after user activity ceases. Other aviation safety features are more subtle.

Here we discuss three features, two of which are new.
configuring aviation safety management software (SMS) email notifications

1) Disable Reported Issues' Emails Feature

SMS Pro support staff can migrate your legacy data into SMS Pro's aviation safety database software using scripts. We require that the data comes to us in an MS Excel spreadsheet, so we can analyze and prepare the data migration scripts.

Many airlines and airports have their legacy safety reports' data in MS Word or paper format. In this case, you will have to have data entry personnel enter in these reported issues manually. Data entry personnel have capabilities to enter reports on behalf of other employees in the system. It was as if the initial reporters submitted the issues when Data Entry personnel submit reports.

As you know, when issues are reported in SMS Pro, email notifications are sent to those reporting issues and managers configured to receive notifications of newly reported issues. When entering considerable numbers of legacy reports manually, users can become spammed mercilessly from the aviation safety management software.

New Feature to Disable Reported Issues' Emails

An enhancement now exists to turn off ALL email notifications for your aviation safety portal. Simply ask SMS Pro support staff to turn off all reported email notifications. Take your time and manually insert your legacy data. When you are ready to enable email notifications, simply contact SMS Pro support staff. This is an easy configuration for us. See image below.

2) Automatic Logoff Feature in Aviation Safety Management Software

Military and police organizations have strict Web security protocols that must be followed, such as SSL and automatic logoff of inactive users. A few airlines and airports may also have the need to automatically logoff inactive users after a certain period of inactivity. SMS Pro will now logoff inactive users 15 minutes after the last time a user refreshed the screen. See example below, requesting user to continue the session.
configuring aviation safety management software (SMS) automatic logoff

This automated logoff feature is similar to banking software behavior. If your SMS Admin feels that 15 minutes is too short, contact SMS Pro support staff and request a longer period. Available settings are:

  • 15;
  • 30;
  • 45;
  • 60; and
  • 75 minutes.

3) Task Lead Time in Aviation Safety Software

The aviation safety management software SMS Pro notifies users when tasks are overdue, such as corrective preventive actions, assigned issues, work orders, etc. By default, notifications are sent out when the item is overdue. This is not a new feature, but work reminding SMS Admins about.

If your airline or airport wants to have "Lead Time" associated with these automated notifications, SMS Pro can send "warnings" to users when issues are about to become overdue. For example, your airline or airport personnel may want to be warned three days in advance that their assigned task will become due.

Contact SMS Pro support staff if you want to configure "Task Lead Time."

SMS Pro is a very full-featured, configurable aviation safety management system software application. If you don't see a configuration or a particular module, tell us about your needs and we'll work with you. Chances are the features are already built into SMS Pro.

Thank you for supporting SMS Pro and making SMS Pro one of the best aviation safety management software tools on the market. To learn more about aviation safety management software tools, see

About NWDS - founded in 2003 by six software engineers, NorthWest Data Solutions (NWDS) provides custom computer programming and systems design services. NWDS creates many types of software, including e-commerce, financial, defense, engineering, logistics, aviation and more. In 2007, NWDS developed SMS Pro™ a web based SMS application that supports an organization's overall SMS through safety reporting, safety documentation, safety risk management and safety assurance. SMS Pro™ is currently used by aviation organizations in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East to help manage their SMS programs. NWDS continues to support SMS Pro™ and add new functionality. NWDS offers custom contract programming services in the U.S. and Canada and is managed by Chris Howell, one of the founders. Their headquarters is in Anchorage, Alaska. For information on NWDS visit their website at and to learn more about SMS Pro™.

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