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Public Issue Reporting Aviation Safety Hazards

Public, Web Based Airline/Airport Hazard Reporting Systems

There are times when an airport or airline wants to capture safety information from others outside of their organization. This safety information is typically submitted and stored in an airline/airport safety management system database. These databases are attached to Web based front-ends where end users can submit airline and airport hazards. Notifications are automatically sent out to responsible safety personnel.

When users are logged in, the best aviation safety management systems (SMS) will allow end users to track their submitted issues. This is easily done as the reported issues are tied to the user's account id or UserId.

This concept works great when the only users submitting hazards into the safety management system are employees of the organization. Users simply log into the system and report their issues. What many airports and airlines lack is the ability for stakeholders to also submit issues to the airline/airport aviation safety management system (SMS). One must remember that external stakeholders can submit issues beside safety. For example, the best aviation SMS software tools also allow other types of issues to be just as easily managed, such as:
  • Quality;
  • Security;
  • Compliance; and
  • Environmental.

Aviation SMS Software Developed Specifically for Aviation

SMS Pro™ is one of the few aviation safety systems developed specifically for the aviation industry. One of SMS Pro's common modules is the Public Issue Reporting Module. The Public Issue Reporting Module allows for external stakeholders to submit safety, security, quality, compliance and environmental issues. These stakeholders may be:
  • Customers;
  • Vendors;
  • Suppliers;
  • Contractors;
  • Civil Aviation Authorities;
  • Auditors; and
  • Other interested parties.

Configuring Public Web Based Hazard Reporting

Configuring the Public Issue Reporting module is very simple. Simply capture the URL in the address bar where the Public Issue Reporter Module sits. Example: whatever the rest of  URL may be. Once you have the URL, you can shorten it using your favorite "URL shortener." If you don't have a favorite, Google "URL Shortener."

So you have the URL of your public issue reporting module. Your next step is to publish this URL on your company Website. Other places you may publish the URL are:
  • Company brochures;
  • Safety placards;
  • Back of business cards; and
  • Other places you may find useful.

Limitations of Public Airline/Airport Hazard Reporting

Because users are not logged into the system when using the Public Issue Reporting Module, they may not be able to track their reported issues in the aviation safety system. Notice that I said "may not." If the user supplies his email address to be contacted later, SMS Pro™ may be able to associate the user with a company employee by comparing the supplied email address with the email addresses in the aviation safety software.

Users submitting issues using the Public Issue Reporting Module can remain anonymous by simply not putting in their email and name. Anonymous reporting is an important requirement for any effective aviation safety management program.

When users do leave their name and email address in the aviation safety report, these items are appended to the description of the report. These details allow safety managers to follow up if necessary to acquire additional information regarding the safety incident or accident.

SMS Pro™ has over sixty aviation safety modules in its Web based aviation safety software system.

To learn more about SMS Pro™, there are two Web sites: (useful information and videos site) and (pretty marketing site)

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