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Safety Non-Punitive Reporting Policy Statement Sample

Safety Policy Statement Sample - Non-Punitive Reporting Policy

Sample Aviation Safety Policy Statement Templates
Safety Policies Guide Organizations to Act as One
SMS Policies are an important part of every effective aviation safety management system. Without understanding the "purpose" of an effective aviation organization, one won't be able to realize the importance of policies. An essential component of every aviation safety management system remains the safety reporting policy. Every aviation safety reporting policy should be non-punitive within reasonable limits. This builds confidence and removes skepticism in your aviation SMS program and also provides a clear understanding to all employees of what behaviors can be tolerated by management. For example, coming to work drunk or breaking local, state and federal laws would not allow employees to report airline/airport accidents or incidents with impunity.

Many younger folks in your organization may see policies as a way for management to "control behavior." However, it is generally understood that effective aviation SMS programs will fail unless they are based on a written non-punitive reporting policy. "Show it to me in writing!"

Purpose of Aviation Safety Policies

airline airport aviation safety management software Purpose and policies of airlines and airports are the basic foundation for progress and usefulness of the operator's existence. Purpose, or rationale is vision of the goal to be attained; policies are the plan of action or ways for the airline/airport by which visions are to evolve into accomplishments. SMS Pro has a Policies and Procedures module for managers to edit policies online. These policies can then be accessed by the entire organization. Safety policies often appear in context of the aviation safety management software program. For example, the Safety/Hazard Reporting Policy appears where users are most likely to need it.

Aviation Safety Software Must Be User Friendly and Relevant

NWDS believe that if aviation safety management software is not user-friendly and easy to use, it will not be used! With this in mind, SMS Pro places aviation SMS policies where they do the most good--right in the application where they are most visible and relevant. As another example  the "Non-Punitive Reporting Policy" is the first screen users see when the enter SMS Pro's aviation Hazard Reporting System. In addition, if you belong to the Safety Manager Role, you will be able to edit the template in place without hunting for the non-punitive reporting policy in your manuals. SMS Pro is EASY to use, very user-friendly and complete aviation safety management software.

sample aviation safety policy templates
When airlines and airports don't have a current "Non-Punitive Reporting Policy," NWDS provides a free template for the asking. Pretty cool, eh? Our sample non-punitive reporting policy template was created by the FAA, ICAO or Transport Canada. It has been with us for so many years that I've forgotten the source. If you belong to the FAA, ICAO or Transport Canada, (or even CASA), please don't be disturbed if you recognize your Non-Punitive Reporting Policy Template below. Of course, we encourage our clients to put their own name in the template.

Sample Non-Punitive Reporting Policy Template for Aviation Safety Program

Below is what we provide in SMS Pro as our non-punitive reporting policy template:

Non-Punitive Reporting Policy Sample Template

At World Aviation, our objective is to cultivate and foster a generative safety culture in which employees and customers are comfortable and encouraged to bring safety concerns to the attention of management.

No person will be penalized or retaliated against for bringing safety issues to the attention of management.
Safe flight operations are World Aviation’s most important commitment. To ensure this commitment, it is imperative that we have uninhibited reporting of all incidents and occurrences that compromise the safety of our operations.

We ask that each employee accept the responsibility to communicate any information that may affect the integrity of flight safety. Employees must be assured that this communication will never result in reprisal, thus allowing a timely, uninhibited flow of information to occur.

All employees are advised that World Aviation will not initiate disciplinary action against an employee who discloses an incident or occurrence involving flight safety. This policy cannot apply to criminal, international or regulatory infractions.

World Aviation has developed safety reports to be used by all employees for reporting information concerning flight safety. They are designed to protect the identity of the employee who provides information. These forms are readily available in your work area.

We urge all employees to use this program to help World Aviation continue its leadership in providing our customers and employees with the highest level of flight safety.

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