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Hazard Reporting for Airlines/Airports SMS for All Stakeholders

Public Hazard Reporting for Airlines/Airports SMS

Public users can now submit aviation Safety, Quality, Security & Compliance issues in SMS Pro, the most complete and affordable aviation safety management system. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to report issues that may help aviation service providers provide safer services and enhance quality.

In the past, only direct employees and authorized contractors were able to report issues to the Web-based aviation safety management system. This rule was enforced in order to facilitate the feedback loop, i.e., users reporting issues would receive email confirmations and be able to see the status of their issue at any time.
The limitation of the public issue reporting module is that Safety Managers must communicate to issue reporters via contact information supplied by the user. Remaining functionality basically remains the same.
The business process for the public issue reporting is as follows:
airline airport hazard reporting software
  1. Public user submits issue;
  2. Safety manager receives email notification with link to reported issue;
  3. If reporter supplied an email, the reporter will also receive an email thanking him for the report;
  4. Safety manager manages the issue just as any other issue and may communicate manually to the reporter when the issue is resolved or more information is required;
  5. Safety manager may classify the issue differently, based on the source (SMS Pro allows complete customization of issue classification).

Not All Airlines/Airports Desire Public Hazard Reporting

Not all aviation service providers will want to allow all Web users to report issues to their aviation SMS. If they feel that employees or others are abusing the system, alternatives can be arranged, such as changing the URL used to access the public issue reporting page.
Direct employees should not be encouraged to use the pubic SMS issue reporting module. Whenever possible, employees should be actively engaged in promoting aviation safety, quality, security and compliance.

public airline airport hazard reporting software with free trial
The public issue reporting module does not come packaged with any version of SMS Pro. Currently, there is the SMS Pro Enterprise, Lite Plus and Free trial versions. The reason it does not come packaged with a version is that the module and URL remains unique to each organization based on their base URL and their customized menu structure.

To implement the public issue reporter, NWDS installs the module onto the client's SMS Pro application. Then NWDS will provide the URL for the operator to place on their public Web site. This link will take users to the SMS Pro application where they can report issues.

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