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Safety Policy Statement Example Template

Safety Policy Statement Example Template

Aviation Safety Policy Statement Sample Templates for Airlines Airports
Every safety management system requires a safety policy statement. For most safety managers, coming up with a safety policy statement out of the blue is very hard to do. What does one look like? Where should I begin. Most of us find that a sample safety policy statement is the best way to begin writing your company's safety policy. SMS Pro™ (popular Web based safety management software) has a module to manage all policies and procedures. We also provide many examples of safety policy statements to our users when they setup their aviation safety management software.  Here is a sample safety policy statement you can use as a template for your airline, airport, MRO or flight school.

Typically, the safety policy statement is written by the CEO (or accountable executive), but you may want to give your manager a helping hand. Without a doubt, the safety policy statement should be signed by the accountable executive.

Sample Safety Policy Statement Template for Airlines, Airports and Others

To prevent aviation accidents and incidents our organization will maintain an active safety management system. I support the open sharing of information on all safety issues and encourage all employees to report significant errors, safety hazards or concerns. I pledge that no staff member will be asked to compromise our safety standards to “get the job done”.

Aviation Safety Policy Statement Sample Templates for Airlines Airports
Safety is a corporate value of this company, and we believe in providing our employees and customers with a safe environment. All employees must comply with this policy.

Our overall safety objective is the proactive management of identifiable hazards and their associated risks with the intent to eliminate their potential for affecting aviation safety, and for injury to people and damage to equipment or the environment. To that end, we will continuously examine our operation for these hazards and find ways to minimize them. We will encourage hazards and incident reporting, train staff on safety management, document our findings and mitigation actions and strive for continuous improvement.

Ultimate responsibility for aviation safety in the company rests with me as the Chief Executive Officer/Accountable Manager. Responsibility for making our operations safer for everyone lies with each one of us – from managers to front-line employees. Each manager is responsible for implementing the safety management system in his or her area of responsibility, and will be held accountable to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken.


More Information About Managing Safety Policy Statements

All policies and procedures need to be reviewed on a regular basis. You will receive an audit finding when you do not have a mechanism in place that ensures your policies and procedures are reviewed, by whom, and the date they were last reviewed.

In SMS Pro's Policies & Procedures module, functionality exists to send notifications to managers when particular policies and procedures require review. The Policies & Procedures module is designed not for only safety and quality policies, but for all your policies and procedures to be visible by all employees.

You can easily see the review status of all policies and procedures. There is also a tab for you to show the civil aviation authority (CAA) auditors when they come to visit. This tab lists all your policies and procedures, the date last reviewed and who reviewed the safety policy or procedure. For more information about aviation safety management software and the Policy & Procedures module, see

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