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Integrated Aircraft Weight & Balance Works in Offline Mode

Aircraft Weight & Balance Issues Affecting Aviation Safety

Many small aircraft operations have a recurring safety issue regarding performance of weight and balance activities before each mission. As most of us known  the weight of an aircraft and its balance are extremely important for safe aircraft operation. Manufacturers design aircraft with specifications identifying aircraft  maximum weight and the limits within which they must balance.

iphone ipad aircraft weight and balance app works in offline mode
Maximum allowable aircraft weight is determined by surface area of the wing and the amount of lift the wing will generate at safe operating air speeds. There are many tools available to help pilots calculate weight and balance.

Weight and balance is a safety issue. For aircraft operations with multiple aircraft and many pilots, how does management ensure that weight and balance is calculated before each mission? How is this documented?  How can management see which pilots are operating without performing their required weight and balance checks?

Integrated Weight & Balance in Your Aviation SMS Program

SMS Pro has a configurable Aircraft Weight & Balance module that works on an iPhone or iPad (or other smartphone). This module works even when connectivity to the Internet is lost. Administrators can configure all their aircraft with multiple configurations. As pilots perform their weight and balance exercise, visual cues indicate whether weight and balance are within the specified envelope.

Weight & Balance Can Be Performed in Offline Mode

Once weight and balance has been entered (PAX, cargo, fuel), the user submits the form. If the user has no Internet connectivity, the form is saved on the device. When Internet connectivity returns, the saved items are pushed to the server.

iphone ipad aircraft weight and balance app works in offline mode
To see this iPhone Aircraft Weight & Balance App in action, see this link.

Test Drive the Aircraft Weight & Balance App

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